1) 9.5.1 is really old!  All this stuff is much easier / better / runs faster in current releases
2) Are you trying to access SQL server from UniVerse, or UniVerse from SQL Server?
    * UV from SQL server is fairly easy, all the information is in the ODBC manual, at least from 9.6 onwards
   *  SQL Server from UV is much harder, you have to use the BCI (UniVerse Basic SQL Client Interface)
      From what you said, it looks like this is what you're trying to do
      Look in the BCI manual for starters, also the CONNECT program in the BP file in the UV account
      You'll have to write some UniBasic code to use BCI
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I've search the postings on the list, and from what I've read this should be fairly simple, but for some reason I just can't seem to get this to work.  I've set up the uvodbc.config entry and have set up a odbc in the control panel, but when I try and use the CONNECT verb to get connected to the sql/server side, I get the following message:


SQLConnect error:   Status = -1   SQLState = 08003   Natcode = 0

[ODBC] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Connection not open


What am I missing here?


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated....



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