The "printer shared memory segment" is a shared memory segment allocated to each 
process when they invoke the UniVerse environment.  You can view them using the UNIX 
command ipcs (use shrdump on Windows platforms); they are the shared memory segments 
that have identifiers beginning with 0xaceb - the remaining four hexadecimal digits 
are the UniVerse user number.  It's called the "printer" shared memory segment because 
the largest structure is the up to sixteen structures that record your currently 
active printer (SETPTR) settings.

When a process terminates abnormally, this shared memory segment may be left hanging 
around.  One of the tasks of the deadlock daemon (uvdlockd) is to clean up defunct 
processes, clearing their locks, removing their printer shared memory segments, and so 

Sometimes, however, another user has executed the uv command from the same source 
(tty, pts).  As part of their login session, they will have received a "printer shared 
memory segment removed", since the uv command executes an appropriate ipcrm command so 
that it can allocate a printer shared memory segment to the newly-connecting user.  
When the deadlock daemon comes around to needing to remove that particular shared 
memory segment as part of cleaning up after the earlier, now defunct, user, it finds 
that there is no segment to remove, which causes the daemon to generate the warning 
message about which you asked.  It may, nonetheless, have found locks, etc., owned by 
that user and been able to release those.

In general, then, such messages in the uvdlockd.log file are informational in that 
they mean that a "problem" that uvdlockd expected to find was not, in fact, found.

If you want to check up on it, use an ipcs command and look for 0xacebee5b as a shared 
memory segment key (ee5b is the hexadecimal equivalent of 61019).  For example:  ipcs 
-m | grep acebee5b

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From: "Carolina Lizama" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 12:21:55 +0000
Subject: Errors in uvdlockd.log

> Some times back we have upgraded one of our boxes to Universe release 9.5.2 
> on a HP Unix platform, we are getting these following error messges 
> constantly.
> (stored in uvdlockd.log).
> Thu Jan 22 00:15:52 2004 - ** Cleanup being performed for UserSig(61019)
> Thu Jan 22 00:15:52 2004 - Failure in LK_cleanup_pshm
> Thu Jan 22 00:15:52 2004 - Unable to attach to PRINTER segment 61019
> Is there a way we can resolve it and what does this mean exactly?
> Carol
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