There are some new policies with how you deploy U2 licenses on a back up server as of October 1, 2003. You should contact your local IBM U2 sales specialist for the most accurate information. You may contact me if you are not sure who your local IBM U2 sales specialist is. I can help you find out who your sales specialist is.

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Subject: RE: Universe Stand-by System Licensing

We've got standby licences ...

Basically, if you have a live system running UV, it needs to be
licenced. But if it is not used, and merely sits there in "hot standby"
mode, you only pay a quarter of normal maintenance.

Who, where and how you sort this out with IBM, I don't know. I think we
originally set it up with VMark, and have just carried on paying the


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Subject: Universe Stand-by System Licensing

I believe I saw a thread here in the last few weeks concerning the
of Universe on emergency stand-by systems. But I'm danged if I can find

If someone could either let me know the subject-line or dates of these
postings, or else provide a link to where this stuff is documented by
I'd be very grateful.


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