I am supporting an Unidata 5.2 system running on Tru64 UNIX V5.1A with two CPU.  When I look at the processes running in the system I find a process with command confprod is taking 99.9% CPU. Can anybody please tell me what is it and why is it happening?


Collect -S -s p -n 4

# Process Statistics (RSS & VSZ in Decimal units, i.e 1K = 1000 bytes)


#  PID     User  %CPU  RSS  VSZ  UsrTim SysTim IBk OBk Maj Min


21467     root  99.9 475K 4.9M   0.516  0.483   0   0   0   0 confprod

45766  CSAMGR1   3.3 3.8M  25M   0.008  0.007   0   0   0   1 udt

58765  VICCO01   1.7 5.2M  30M   0.023  0.017   0   6   0  34 udt

105494 VICCSA23  0.7 5.8M  30M   0.001  0.001   0   1   0  12 udt


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