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I have received some inquiries as to why the new list server will sometimes send out two digests in one day.

The digest normally is generated at 23:55 PST (USA). However, sometimes the volume of the postings is such that the digest can get huge. When that happens, not only does it take a long time to send them all, but some people do not get them; their mail service limits the size of incoming messages. So I have a threshold of 300KB set. During the day, if that is reached, it will kick off a digest at that point in addition to the one that goes out at night.

Notice that I said "volume" of the posts, not "number" of posts. What causes this volume in most cases? OVER-QUOTING. When you hit Reply, add a couple of lines at the top of the message, and do not bother to delete all but the most relevant lines of the most recent message, you contribute to the problem. There is no reason to be constantly quoting the entire thread. Even worse is the quoting and re-quoting of all of the footer garbage that HR departments tack on to email these days. (Or that list servers like this one add for identification, to be fair.)

The general (very general) guideline of netiquette is that you should quote only about four lines of the most recent post for each point to which you are responding. If you are replying to several points, do not top-post. Quote four or five lines, add your point, quote some more, add your point, etc. (There are many lists where you will get yelled at by the Moderator, as I found out the hard way, for even top-posting at all. This list is not one of those. :-)

'Nuff said.




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