Just my luck. The world gets hit by the virus bastards same week I move the lists to a new list server program. <sigh>

I am still exploring this new product. I appreciate everyone's patience with my learning curve.

I *think* I now have the lists configured to: 1) eliminate attachments, thus keeping the lists from being virii infectors; 2) convert html posts to plain text only. I chose this option in consideration of those who do not have control over the settings of their mail client software (corporate control). This way their postings do not get rejected, but web-bugs, etc. will not come through. This should also help in keeping the digests fewer and smaller in size.

Of course, this also means that I will have fewer bounce and anti-virus notices from around the world to deal with. So that gives me more time to nag people about inappropriate over-quoting when replying to messages.

Don't say I didn't warn you <grin>



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