Thanks - I just looked at CTLGTB and there is an entry there for both.

EDIT-LIST looks like this:


EDIT.LIST looks the same, but has EDIT.LIST instead of EDIT-LIST.

In UDTHOME, we have a sys directory, which contains a SYS_BP file, which
contains EDIT.LIST and EDIT_LIST, not EDIT-LIST.

Does this indicate that one of my predecessors on these systems was getting
adventuresome, or is this standard issue?

Susan M. Lynch
F.W. Davison & Company, Inc.

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> > the systems I work on don't have EDIT-LIST, and I never think
> > to change the punctuation and try the revised form of the
> > commands - I grew up on EDIT-LIST and SAVE-LIST, etc.
> The ECL parser should accept the "dashed" versions of these commands.  Any
> chance you have a VOC entry (or something in the global catalog) for
> EDIT-LIST or EDIT.LIST that's getting in the way?
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