I don't know about the cost of a first born child these days (we're several
years past that), and I don't think you can get both "good" and "cheap" at
the same time.

But, we did a project for a customer using the Symbol 8100 series with a
cellular phone connection and then (to offer a lower cost alternative)
retrofitted it to a T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone.

We gave up the "scanner" and the "print" functions that we had on the
Symbol, but retained the portability and were able to manually enter the
necessary information at a significant cost savings.

The Pocket PC Phone can accept a Storage Card that can store your
information, and it does have an IR port, plus a docking cradle to connect
it to a PC via cable, for data upload.

Your users would have to enter the product numbers manually, instead of

The main advantage is that the data would not have to be reentered into your
database, but the inital data entry (eg writing down the information on a
pad) would still have to be done in the field.

I'll be glad to discuss this in more detail if you wish.



Dave Taylor
Sysmark Information Systems, Inc.
800-SYSMARK (800-797-6275)

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> Background info:
> We are considering the purchase of some type of handheld scanner that
> will save our outside sales force the paper-pencil solutions they are
> currently using.
> Our idea is to have them enter a customer account number, then scan
> barcodes affixed to bins where our product is kept, then enter a number
> which represents an inventory adjustment.
> When they get back to their desk, they would plug the scanner in and hit
> a key and the data would be read off the scanner and processed by our
> business application.
> question for the list:
> What types of products are available which are easily setup and don't
> cost a first born child. The ones I've been familiar with in the past
> are Telxon and Intermec, but for real-time telnet connectivity we use
> Symbol (PDT3146us) technology.
> Any quick responses that point me in the right direction will be greatly
> appreciated.
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