Hi Tom

We customise many strategic systems to achieve this sort of facility.

I would question how real time the OLAP & BI tools are never mind the
database.  I would look at breaking the data in two components as some
details such as financial require to be snapshoted to ensure the
integrity of the data.  Others may be related to current sales where
accuracy is not so critical as is having a pretty good feel.  These
would require different update times.  You don't need to keep updating
End of Day balances every 10 minutes.  Look at whether you update the
remote files via triggers rather than trying to copy the whole file

The big issue is to convert transactional data into timeshots that are

I would suspect they are looking for a dashboard solution rather than an
OLAP tool. If you are in a position, can I suggest actually putting a
prototype system up in Universe to show some of the expected outcomes.
I often find that those requesting the information are not sure what
they are looking for, so if I show them useful information that they
require for decision making processes, then I can dictate the project.
Also a prototype in 2 days achieves 80% of the solution, where
management are then faced with a solution that is already partially
working to having to put up a lot of money for an unknown solution on
one of these BI Tools.  This has won us a lot of business.

There are many other ways of achieving this than just an ETL solution,
but you would probably end up with a mixture of solutions.

Jbase and Universe have similar code to updating SQL databses from BASIC
code and based on similar code to Visual Basic processes.

I have been putting a white paper together to try an identify that PICK
is the platform of choice for this time of environment.


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So, I'm moving on from my "encrypted database" problem (that was put on
hold) and now I have a new, interesting problem.  I'm looking at a
proposal that seems to demand a solution that is a cross between a "data
replication system" and a "data warehouse".  

The system needs to be able to "Extract" data from a feed up updates to
specified Universe or jBASE files in "real-time" (once a minute, or so
will suffice), do some "Transformation" on the data, then "Load" the
data into a DB2 or SQL Server (not my implementation requirement...
don't yell at me).  During peak times, I'm supposing could be over a
thousand updates per minute written to the data replication feed.  I
don't know if it's reasonable to expect this system to be able to handle
that kind of throughput... that is to be determined.

The rationale for the system is to allow people to use standard
reporting, OLAP, and BI tools.  In industry parlance, I think such a
system is called a "Real Time Data Warehouse (RTDW)".  

So, here's where you can help... 

I'm brainstorming for design/implementation ideas.  First, I'm trying to
get the lay-of-the-land of tools and companies that can help with the
"ETL" (Extract-Transform-Load) part of this project (is this what
DataStage does?).  Where do I look?

Second, I'm searching for clever ideas about how to create and extract
the data feed containing file updates -- such as leveraging UV-DR.  I'd
prefer to create the data replication feed in isolation from the ETL
tool.  Seeing as I'm a little lazy (and hoping we won't have to roll our
own) I'd like to evaluate off-the-shelf solutions.


Tom Firl
Columbia Ultimate

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