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I'm trying to write a program that will give a estimate (fairly close
for determine what amount of money deducted pre-taxed, will cause your
taxable income to drop a tax bracket.

What I'm looking for is an excel file for tax rates on salary income.
I'm assuming you take the gross * (# payperiods in year) for annualized
and use that as a base (depending on the # of dependants on the w4) would
give you the % to charge for fed inc tax.

Is that how it works? 

(Annualized Salary - pre tax $) * (% based on dedecutions from table) = Fed
withholding $

I'm not looking to include state / FICA at this point

Is the above the correct method for determining taxable income for a
paycheck, and
if it is via tables where can I get the table in computer readable format.


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