our accounting will be keep in USD. there is a control file that has an item id of USD*13191, EUR*13191, SGD*13191 (currency*internal date). rates will be supplied by the bank of london.

attribute<1> = the conversion rate for that currency and date
attribute<2> = currency sign ($)

if customer purchases 3,000.00 EUR of parts, that will convert to some USD amount and written to our files in USD. when the customer pays 3,000.00 EUR for the parts, we will convert to USD based on the day that the order was placed.

At 04:30 PM 2/13/04 +0000, you wrote:

> Pretty major thing.  Not quite as simple as it looks on the surface.  The
> major concept that throws a wrench into the works is the varying
> rates.   Pretty simple to flip-flop transactions at the current exchange
> rate.   It gets real sticky at the G/L level where for any given
> you would have gains or losses due to currency fluctuations.   Your $1000
> booked invoice only nets you the equivalent of $950 when paid.   The
> little pain is showing old transactions.   What rate do you use?   It
> to be quite interesting.

sorry about the previous post - I must have hit the send button on a draft.
Here is what I meant to say:

You have to have a currency control account in the general ledger, usually
one for each currency. Then you have currency revaluation process that runs
periodically and calcualates the difference between the value on the
transaction and the value at the current exchange rate. You adjust the
transaction by that amount and also post it to the currency control

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