Whew!  I read that three times, and still couldn't follow it...  It's just
too late in the evening.  At any rate, I don't know if it coincides with my
own postings or not, but I get "out of office" messages to my personal
mailbox, with my personal e-mail address in the "TO box", and the other
persons address in the "FROM box".

I will watch the next ones and perhaps include one in a posting to the list.

Thanks,  --Glenn.


What do you mean when you say "with my e-mail in them"? Are you saying that 
you are getting email that is unrelated to this list? Or are you saying 
that when you post to the list it comes back as an Out of office message? 
Or are you saying that you get messages that other people have posted with 
an OOO auto-reply? 

If it is the last then Clif has already asked that we fix our autoreplies, 
if the second then it is the "same as it has always been" and if the first 
then there maybe be something more serious going on....

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