'Please ask whoever configures your responders to add a check for the header
"Precedence: list" and do not respond to those messages.'

You don't use MS Exchange / Outlook, do you Clif?

If you work for an organisation that uses these products, i.e. most of the
world, you simply don't have that kind of control.  There's an 'Out of
Office Rules Wizard' which allows you to send the message you see on the
list, one to each email address that sends you a message.
The alternatives are to set up your very own OoO rules, which is much more
difficult that the idiot Wizard, or to unsubscribe from the list, then
re-subscribe when you get back from leave.

Personally, I think it would be better if your mail server just dropped any
message with a subject containing " is out of the office", when the subject
does not contain "[ADMIN]".  Yes I know it's an ambulance at the bottom
rather than a fence at the top of the cliff, but ...

My $0.02


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> Subject: [ADMIN] Out of office messages - to list?
> I have changed the subject line slightly and added the 
> [ADMIN] tag for 
> an alert to all readers.
> Comments and responses embedded in the text below.
> >>Is anyone else getting several "out of office" messages?  I've been 
>       <snip/>
> > You are getting these responses from other listers who failed to tell
>       <snip/>
> > Wouldn't auto-responders reply to the list?
> While it has not been unusual for the poster to get several 
> OOO messages 
> when posting to the list, I have noticed an increase in OOO messages 
> being directed to the list address itself.
> Both are in very bad form.
> Please ask whoever configures your responders to add a check for the 
> header "Precedence: list" and do not respond to those messages.
> Thanks.
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> Regards,
> Clif
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