> I know that UDT passes by reference

Interesting. The UV documentation for the CALL statement says: "All scalar
and matrix variables are passed to subroutines by reference. If you want to
pass variables by value, enclose them in parentheses."

Enclosing a matrix in parentheses apparently does not actually work.
(UV10.0.7 aix)

Vlisting the difference between a scalar and a vector (1D matrix) variable
surrounded by parentheses shows in the first example, using a scalar
variable, passes by value using a new internal variable _T0000. In the
second example, surrounding a vector in parentheses does nothing and the
vector is passed by reference, the same as if there were no parentheses.

--- 1
00005: CALL P2((A), MAT X)
00005 00022 : 0F8 move           A  => _T0000
00005 00028 : 01E call           "P2" _T0000 X

--- 2
00005: CALL P2((X(100)), MAT X)
00005 00018 : 01E call           "P2" X(100(1(X

Seems like a bug in the documentation.

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