Except - the most important thing is COURTESY. To OTHER PEOPLE.

I'm amazed I've stayed out of this as long as I have :-)

The problem is that top-posting encourages people to "not trim". That
leads to, typically, maybe 90% of the average post being junk that's
been seen before?

Add to that, it is still probably normal that most people do not have
"flat fee" net access (that's not true for the US I expect, but it's
probably still true overall). How would you like to be downloading all
that crap, at a cost of say 50c/min, where your 14,400 modem is running
at half-speed due to the phone line being crap!

LookOut is designed for people on a LAN running at gigglebit(sic)
speeds. Think of those people who are still on old technology ...


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I have to say, I just loaded Outlook 2003, and sort EVERYTHING by
conversation... I'm kinda sorry people are now making efforts to
with 'netiquette', because 'top posts' are SO much easier to use in this
venue - it is awesome to be able to run through the whole set of topics
the preview pane without having to so much as scroll....

I suspect we'll see Netiquette change over time for this reason - as
become more 'real time' and interactive, it would make sense the rules
evolve as well...  More and more we're *not* typically reading a
response a
week later or out of context - the world is changing! Evolve!


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