on  [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote::

> I am using Visual Schema Generator to SQLize some UniData
> files


> I am getting the
> message "Died in UCI::SQLExecDirect() with SQLSTATE S1001, Native
> error:0 [IBM][SQL Client][UNIDATA] Invalid procedure call:
> SCHEMA_ATTRIBUTE_MAP".  Does anyone know what this means or what is
> causing it.

There are a number of subroutines which need to be globally cataloged on the
UniData server for VSG to work properly.  SCHEMA_ATTRIBUTE_MAP is one of
them and it doesn't seem to be cataloged on your box.

You'll probably find the compiled object on the machine somewhere under the
UniData bin directory - where it is loaded off tape or CD on install.  Copy
anything that starts with SCHEMA_ that you find into the 's' subdirectory of
the global catalog CTLG directory and then try again with VSG.



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