We use a two pronged attack - I don't think I can share it (sorry) but here
is what it does - none of it should be too difficult to emulate:

First we have some BASIC routines that stamp our programs with a string in
the format:

ADGVERDATA:= 'VerDate=xxxxxx;'

The format of the string means that we can search both source and object
code for version stamps (being a variable assignment not a comment they get
compiled into the object code string table). We have some simple subroutines
that return this version information which we can use e.g. from
I-Descriptors to list the versions and from setup routines to check
versions; and we have wrappers around our installation routines and checks
in the routine we use for any global cataloging to ensure that we don't
accidentally catalog an older routine over a newer version.

Secondly, we use RCS for delta-ing (we could use CVS but RCS was a simpler
option for interfacing). To allow it to handle non-source items (eg
dictionaries and parameter records) we wrapper the RCS routines (ci and co)
through some routines that essentially maintain an index of the UniVerse
location (ACCOUNT DICT FILE LEVEL ITEM) to a numbered UNIX file. These allow
allow us to things like accept select lists, so the whole thing is command
line driven and very flexible.

The routines maintain an index between our version stamps (which are 3 level and the RCS version (which is 2 level major.minor) so we
can search on either. We also apply tags in the index rather than using RCS
tags, which are a bit flaky.
The routines use the index to copy the item to a type 19 file using
sequentially assigned IDs, then commit the copy to RCS. The same index is
used to retrieve the item again, and optionally copy the item back to its
original location OR to a new location (another reason for using the index).

As most of our applications are client/server or Web based, we then apply
CVS to our whole development environment, including the RCS repository.

Hope this helps,

Brian Leach

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I am looking for a version control application for U2 software development.
Ideally it would have a check-out/check-in function, ability to track
changes, migration dates, etc

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Jeff Steinmetz
Vice President, Store Systems
Guitar Center, Inc
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