Dawn, you're coming to D.C.?  Email me privately, and I'll do my best to get
you that desired beverage.

   Hugh Pritchard (Tier), 202-546-3066, cell 301-467-1712
   D.C. Ofc of Corporation Counsel, Child Support Enforcement Division
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| Subject: RE: Face-to-Face U2 gathering
| Rats -- Spectrum coincides with the Datatel User Group 
| conference this year.
| So, if you happen to be going to DUG in DC rather than Spectrum in LV,
| please let me know you are a u2-users member if you see me 
| working in the
| Entrinsik (Informer) booth or find me sitting next to the 
| lobby in need of a
| beverage (just kiddin').
| By the way, there is a lot in the works with the 
| International U2UG, and we
| hope to communicate to the members soon -- we have been vewy 
| qwiet of late,
| but have been meeting bi-weekly by phone, including IBM.  
| Stay tuned.  
| --dawn
| Dawn M. Wolthuis
| Tincat Group, Inc.
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