We currently have 4 customers running on Win 2k3 with UniVerse 10.0.17 and
with 10.1.  We have had them running for about 3 to 4 months now and have
not had any issues related specifically to the OS or new UV.  That is to
say, the few problems we have seen were known issues on earlier releases.
Mike Dallaire
Mortgage Builder Software Inc.
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Subject: Who's using 10.1.0 on WS2K3?:

We are currently running uv on DG/UX (quickly disappearing) and
are considering a simultaneous uv upgrade and shift to Windows OS.
IBM's Product availability Matrix shows uv ver. 10.1.0 available on
WS2K3 released on 12/17/2003.  Is anyone currently running at this
version?  Any concerns or issues?

Perhaps there a matrix showing U2 version/OS as a percentage of the U2
user base?

Ron Moore
Sr. Database Administrator
Comtech PST Corp.
Melville, NY

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