I'm doing a talk tomorrow to college CS majors (name of talk is: IT is How
it Seams -- at least I'm able to entertain myself with the double double

I thought I'd bring in some of the odds and ends I've acquired over the
years and one is a board from a Pr1me computer I worked on.  It was gifted
to me when the machine was retired.  However, I'm a s/w kinda "guy" and I
don't know a cpu board from a memory board from anything else.  I figured
this was the best place to ask about prime hardware, but sorry for being a
little off-topic.

It is an 18 inch-ish square green board with black chips and few white ones
that say "Bechman" on them.  The black ones are at least three different
sizes.  Along one side it has stickers that say "LINES 0-3" ... "LINES
12-15".  That seems like a big clue, but I figured someone here would know
what such a board might have been called.

Thanks in advance. --dawn

Dawn M. Wolthuis
Tincat Group, Inc.

Take and give some delight today.

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