We have a patch for systest. While testing the limits of shared memory, the
original systest (on some - not all systems) will loop beyond some
pre-defined buffers and coredump. I emailed that privately to Adrian.

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Dear All,

I will give IBM a call about this but thought I would ask the list first.
Before signing up for the most expensive RHEL AS option, I am checking to
see if 6.0.5 will run on RHEL ES 2.1.  This seems quite reasonable to me as
the 2 CPU limit on the ES product would suffice for many U2 sites.

The problem I have struck is the udtinstall script runs a program called
$UDTBIN/systest and on ES this segfaults as below.

            IPC Facilities Test Results

    Max # of Shmem Segments: 4091
# of Shmem Seg. Per Process: 4091
  Max / Min Shmem Seg. Size: 134217728 (128M) / 1
                     SHMLBA: 4096 (4K)

    Max # of Message Queues: 128
    Max # of Bytes On Queue: 16384 (16K)
           Max Message Size: -1 (unknown)

        Max # of Semaphores: 128
   Max # of Undo Structures: -1

Segmentation fault

This is a critical part of the install as it tests system memory parameters
and generates the udtconfig file.

The obvious answer is ES is not a certified release, AS is, but what
intrigues me is 6.0.5 is certified on pretty much everything else (7.1,
7.2, 7.3, 8.0, RHEL AS on 2 different kernels) so I'm curious as to why it
seems to fail on ES.  Redhat state that the WS/ES/AS versions are based on
the same core kernel, libraries and utilities.

I did manage a work around by commenting out the systest call in the
install script and copying a udtconfig file from a temporary install of
6.0.5 on 7.3 and a quick test shows Unidata starting and stopping OK and
doing some basic stuff but this isn't a solution I'd feel comfortable with.

The only idea I have as to why systest is failing on ES is I have stuffed
up the shared memory kernel settings (possibly) or it encounters some
function enforcing the CPU or memory limits on the ES product that aren't
present on the AS version or any of the other releases and chokes.

So, has anyone else attempted this and did they manage to find anything?



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