What version of mvquery?
Look under the ADGCONTROL directory of your mvquery account.
You should see several files with ".DAT" extensions.  These are text files that should 
be essentially empty when nobody is using mvquery. 
If the database session mvquery is in does not cleanly exit (you turn off the desktop 
for instance), then these files do not get blanked.  It may be enough for you to copy 
a blank text file to each of these ".DAT" files (which is what I do when this happens)


From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] on behalf of Dave S
Sent: Tue 3/2/2004 1:53 PM
Subject: MVQUERY Timeout Errors

We are running MVQUERY on Unidata 6.0.6 and are wondering if there is a timeout in 
effect in either  Unidata or MVQUERY.

Mvquery seems to think that there are licenses being used when there are no users
connected in with this client.

Perhaps someone can shed some light on the licensing scheme for Mvquery

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