Ok. Let me shed some light on all of this...

1) The email address Tony refers to below is mine.
2) This CD was originally created as a handout for the Ardent/Informix/IBM
annual user conferences. I'm sure it will be available at the DMG User
Conference in Las Vegas this year (September 19-24). See you there???
3) The intent is to provide additional technical information in a
convenient/portable format that can be used to solve U2 problems without
resorting to contacting IBM U2 technical support.
4) As it has been well received, we tried to expand the audience to include
our support-providing distributors and partners - giving them another tool
to use in providing technical assistance to their end-users.
5) More folks continued to ask for it, so we TRY to accomodate requests. We
have sent it to directly supported (IBM support contract) end-users.
6) We also try not to interfer with partner/end-user relationships - by
sending this directly to the end-user of a partner.
7) We did announce this in the IBM Data Management email newsletter. A
secondary agenda was - 'how many folks are reading this newsletter?'.
8) If you email me asking for a copy, I will want to confirm that you are
AT LEAST an active customer with an active/entitled support contract -
whether it is direct or via a partner. (hint, hint - send me your U2BC
serial number, though I can lookup by client name). I'm sure you can
understand my perspective on this point.
9) If you are not in the US or Canada, I will forward to the U2 support
group in UK or  AUS and they will see if they can fulfill the request from
10) If you email me, I will need a full shipping address (no PO boxes) and
a local phone number  (both requirements of the shipper we use).
11) Our inventory is seriously depleted at this point - so if we need to
re-run, there may be a significant delay. You probably won't experience
Tony's excellent turn-around.

12) Most important of all, please provide feedback (to me - my team puts it
together). We try to update and improve it each year. Is it useful? What's
missing? Those of you who have already seen it - is it worth asking for?
Any documents or presentations you find particularly useful?


Wally Terhune
Manager - U2 Advanced Technical Support
IBM Data Management Solutions
Tel: 303.294.4866             Fax: 303.294.4832
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Hi David,

In the latest IBM U2 Newsletter they have an email address with
to get the CD sent to you. I got mine yesterday so about two to three
working days.

> What about us down here? Is it available outside the US?

Yes it is available outside the US (I'm in Melbourne).



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