The problem is that all it can do is warn that there *might* be a route
through that would not assign a variable, depending on conditional logic. 

The Borland compilers do this - and boy is it annoying. For example, you
might have a case statement that handles each potential and predictable
input to a routine. Depending on the logic this migh lead to a variable
referenced later on, based on the result of that case statement, being seen
as potentiall unassigned (since the compiler doesn't know the possible
incoming values). So it warns you that the variable might not be assigned. 

So you then pre-assign the variable to remove that warning, and the compiler
then complains that this assigned value may not be used! 


The real problem is that over a large Delphi project (some of our components
run into hundreds of thousands of lines of code) you can get so many
unnecessary warnings like this that you might lose a legitimate warning
amongst them.

Less of a problem on U2 where you are not linking so much code into a single
routine, but potentially annoying all the same.

Brian Leach

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> Hi All,
> Is it technically or theoretically possible for the BASIC 
> compiler (or any other compiler for that matter) to catch 
> (during compilation) all the situations that might result in 
> the use of unassigned variable at runtime within the scope of 
> the subroutine being compiled? Under what circumstances does 
> the compiler catch or fail to catch such situations?
> Regards, Marco
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