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I am also interested in ways to manipulate spool files in Universe? The spool number would be a big help so I could use usm commands to redirect output externally to the report program which produced the spool file. Universe 9.3 on DGUX

Is there a function with universe / basic to tell me the id of the last print job generated from my current uv login?

Universe 10.0.13
RedHat Linux 8.0

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I don't know of a UV function that does this, but you can use find at the unix level to get a list of spooler numbers for a particular user. This will put all spooler file names for a user into an array:

EXECUTE 'SH -c "find /usr/spool/uv -user ':@LOGNAME:'"', OUT > SPOOL.ARR

Assuming the above path is where the UV spooler files reside on your system, the following will give you the UV spooler number from the file name:


Finding the most recent one could be kind of a pain if you have frequent deletion of spooler files. Otherwise you could just assume the highest numbered one is the most recent. Capturing output from ls -l on each filename will give you the time/date last modified.


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