In a universe database I have a file Customers.
In an Access database I have some of the fields of that same file as well, populated 
from the source universe file via a flat file transport and import.

Now however I need to just update those rows that have changed.
So in Universe I already have a way (I think) to find just what's changed and make a 
flat file.  So now I want to just load those changes to the Access database.

So I figured out how to open a macro and played around with the VB language somewhat 
but I wonder if someone could give me a few lines of help.

I can already open the flat file in VB and read a line out of it.  I can also open the 
access database in VB and read a row/field out of that.  I figured that out so far.

The flat file will have as its first field the primary key which is already setup to 
match between the uv and access files.  So what I want to do is select the row with 
that key, which I already know how to do.  But the part I'm getting stuck on is how 
exactly do you do the update?

I tried something like this
file!field = newvalue

and it complains along the lines of "that process cannot do that function" or 
something like that.

Maybe one of you has a trivial example of updating a row in a VB macro?  All the 
examples I can find are doing it using a macro EXTERNAL to the database, when the one 
I'm using is run from inside the project... did that make sense? 

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