How about UVPE/linux?

Especially if it's initially a "proof of concept", that would be a legit
use of UVPE. And while the system might be slow, it'll run on outdated
hardware no problem, so when they "go live", the only cost they've got
is the UV licence.

The only thing I would say about the hardware is, as always, stuff it
full to the gills with RAM if you can (and remember that the "swap >=
twice ram" rule is *NOT*!!! obsolete).


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I had considered this option as well as the MV-Lite environments already
there. This is really a low-key client (private club membership) that i
making a good deal on developing the app from scratch. Once they get
original system duplicated (dbase) to Pick, I can enhance their
with many desired features and they will have a greater appreciation for
what the system can do for them. Perhaps, they can even grow.

As it is, I'm searching my office for the red-box set of AP-Pro install
discs from a converted client to install on an older P1-133 box. I'll
an Arnet board from one of my other AP boxes (I don't need 24 users
and 'build' them a good starting system. That's why I also solicited any
older AP-Pro systems.

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If you had more of these deals you could setup a hosted environment
choice of DBMS including U2 and D3).  You use your own licenses on that
system and do your development there.  End-users can SSH into their own
production accounts and pay you some monthly rate for using your app and
resources until they're ready to move up.  Voila', your own ASP.  The
initial cost of getting a licensed DBMS and ports may be prohibitive,
the advantage is that the system still belongs to you when the end-user
moved on to their own environment or even to a hosted solution of their
If you already have a licensed environment then it should cost nothing
move the license to a hosted box, so the cost of getting this going is

Note that (to my knowledge) it violates license agreements to run live
end-users on development software provided by any of the MV DBMS
You might be able to get a free temporary license to let users run for a
couple months on a "try before they buy" basis.  If you can manage that
they can host a DBMS locally and still pay you for your app.

Couple ways to cut this cookie...
Let me know if any of this is of interest.
Nebula R&D

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>I would like to acquire... an older Pick AP-Pro system... I only
> need 3-5 users.
>I have a new client that I want to break into the Pick world
>with an inexpensive application to start. I can develop their
>new app on my own AP-Pro yet in 2 months they will want their
>own system. We've explored the concepts of a W2K/D3 or U2 box
>and its cost would kill the deal. I want to get my foot in the
>door and as they grow, we can convert later.

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