Firstly - do not tar a running uv system! This is because:

A)  you will get physical errors if writes are in progress.
B)  you will get logical errors if transactions are in progress.
C)  if you use dynamic files, the headers will not be updated.
D)  'nuff said

uvbackup should be aware of the write context so as to prevent the problems
associated with A and C, but not B unless you use transactions.

The only safe way to backup the database is if it is either stopped or
AFAIR you can pause the database using SUSPEND.FILES if you need to run a
backup without taking the system down, but make sure any users are aware
that the database is stopped and that any application transactions have
completed before issuing it. You can the uvbackup to disk (for speed), dump
that backup to device and use transaction logging until the next backup.


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> Subject: UV - Database backup 
> What are the suggested means of backing up a UV system 
> without taking it down ??
> Is there a document anywhere with the benifits / drawbacks of 
> the following methods (or any other methods)
> uvbackup
> tar
> mirror disk system + tar
> etc
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