Sorry LeRoy, I have confused you!

I don't have any problem killing a UniVerse task, I prefer to try this
        "LOGOUT <pid>", then 
        "...\uv\bin\kill <pid>", a couple of times - almost always works,
        "...\uv\bin\kill -2 <pid>", then
        "...\uv\bin\kill -9 <pid>",  then ONLY AS A LAST RESORT
        Task manager "Kill"

What I can't do is chuck the process into the debugger, because the 'debug'
option in the task manager right-button menu is greyed out.  When I have a
mysteriously-stuck program in the development environment, being able to
throw it into the UniVerse debugger would be really useful: at least I could
find out where it is and what it thinks it is doing.
Maybe a debugger has to be registered for /associated with the process in
some way to make this menu option visible?
Since Wol said he _does_ see 'debug' in UniData, and I don't in UniVerse,
maybe there's something you guys could do in the UV product to make it
happen for us too?  Please :-)



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Actually, at release 10+, it should be successful via Windows Task Manager's
kill option. UV 10 and higher use detached processes by default, and
KeepAlive (for tl_server processes) was added as well. If it really becomes
necessary to kill a process that for some reason has ignored its KeepAlive
setting (assuming the telnet client has been disconnected from the socket),
the kill.exe in uv\bin was updated in 10 to do a better job at killing
processes, though it could take a few seconds to come back to the DOS
prompt. I cannot recall when it hasn't work at 10.x.

When all else fails, download the Process Explorer and use
its kill option. Remember that if you have updates pending, your open files
may be at some risk.


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