I recently went shopping for such a product.  Best value was from
biblesoft (, who has a useable free product with
several versions of the Bible, Strong's, Vine, some commentaries, etc.
all for FREE.   But the nice feature is that you can buy individual
modular add-ons that get integrated into the suite.  For example, you
can add the NIV (for a steep price. The publisher, Zondervan, is very
possessive of their product. It is a secular company & while I
appreciate a good profit, myself, they are shooting themselves in the
foot. NIV has been replacing King James as the new de facto standard,
but Zondervan is pricing themselves out if the market now that NewKJ and
New Living Translation are out there.  Both of them are owned by
Christian publishers who are motivated by evangelistic zeal as well as
profit.  I'm betting NLT will become standard.  But I digress.), or
Vulgate, or Luther's German Bible, Luther's commentaries, etc..

What this product and others lack is some query abilities that a good UV
backend might facilitate.  You can do concordance look-ups, but nothing
very complex.  Scofield-style or Ryrie's cross-referencing is missing in
my version. If you put UV behind a product like these, maybe you could
add value there.  I'm trying to think of an example of something I
wanted to do and I'm drawing a blank...too early in the morning.

I also have the Unabridged Oxford English Dictionary on my PC.  (You
know, the one that's about the same size as the Encyclodeia Brittanica
and has citations back to the middle ages.)  It is one of the most
amazing scholarly works in history, and their software is junk!  Maybe
they don't have to be good since they have a corner on the market.
Nothing compares to OED.
But that software is embarrassing.   The user interface is trash.  It's
slow.  The lookups are a mixed bag.  If you want a project to work on
similar to the Bible one you propose, make a proposal to Oxford
University Press.  I know the frontend is bad, so I assume the database
backend is nothing to shout about either. Slowness suggests it.

Chas. Stevenson

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> Ok, I realize all this.  Just thought there would be a few 
> interested in having something in UV. Not trying to sell 
> something.  Just... Well...
> If anyone is interested, e-mail me privately.  
> For those who already have, thanks.  I will be getting back 
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