I think there was a thread a while back about this. There was a problem with
stacking the commands (but you can try that). The other things you can do is
to put them into a paragraph and run the paragraph or write a basic routine
to process a list of commands. You may also want to use the REQUIRE.SELECT
keyword if you are doing a select or list....

Colin Alfke
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Stu Pickles

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>Subject: UniObjects: Executing a Command on a SaveList
>I am stuck with the following problem:
>I have a bunch of record Ids, that I need to sort.
>I thought of Creating a SaveList,
>Then GetList and executing a command.
>The problem I have is that the command works on the whole file 
>and not on
>the few records in the SaveList.
>How can I make sure that I only work with the record Ids that I want to
>Martin Scholl
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