1. Please do not post mvQuery questions to this list. Either send them to
your mvQuery supplier, or to mvquery support.

2. The task manager will show mvQuery as not responding whilst it is waiting
for the server to complete a select or process a record set. This is because
control has passed from the mvQuery client across to the UniLink driver
which is in turn awaiting messages from the server. mvQuery is still
running, and will respond when the selection has completed: but whilst it is
waiting it cannot respond to the task manager. You find the same thing
whenever a Windows application is busy waiting for another component - e.g.
Excel running an ODBC query.

This is usually noticeable when you are running large or complex queries, or
running against a limited server: for large queries we recommend using the
Print Server edition as that does not impact upon the desktop.


Brian Leach


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> Subject: Mvquery Client Not Responding
> When running the Mvquery client on my desktop and performing 
> a query, the windows task manager on my desktop  will show 
> that the process is not responding. After a few minutes, the 
> task manager wll indicate that the process is running.
> I am running the 4.2 client on my desktop. The server is 
> running Unidata 6.06 on Windows 2000.
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