Hi All,
We are working for purging of old data from the database. But we are facing 
performance problems in this.
We are using select query which is created dynamically on the basis of number of 
records. We want to know if there is any limit for size of query in Universe.
Although in universe help pdf it is mentioned that there is no limit for the length of 
select query. But when we run the program on the file with records more than 0.5 
million it gave the error-
"Pid 14433 received a SIGSEGV for stack growth failure. Possible causes: insufficient 
memory or swap space, or stack size exceeded maxssiz. 

Memory fault(coredump)"

If there is no limitation on the size of query then please suggest some other possible 
solution which can help us reducing the time of query and completing the process 
successfully without giving the error.

Thanks in advance.



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