Actually, you don't really INSTALL as non-root. The idea of uvadm is that it is an ADMINISTRATOR, thus, your initial root install sets the product up so that internally uvadm can administer all facets of the product without the need of su-ing to root. The fact remains that you still need to INSTALL as root, since there are certain things that need touching, ie. /.uvhome, /etc/services, /etc/rc.X directories, etc.

The DataStage version I now work with DOES allow complete non-root installation (no longer uses /.uvhome or touches system files) by ANY user (no uvadm limitation) as well as allowing multiple versions (even the same version!) to run on a single server, as I have rewritten all that so root is no longer necessary.

So, install AS root, but designate uvadm as your administrator.

Hope this helps.

At 02:11 AM 03/15/2004, you wrote:
I am trying to install UNIVERSE 9.5 as uvadm user on AIX 5. The installation fails because of wrong permissions.

The manual mentios that the uvadm user must have write permission on the root (/) directory. How can this be acomplished? Is the security of the system compomised by allowing uvadm to write on (/)?

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