>We are migrating to Universe 10.0.9 running on Redhat 8, and finding
>problems with "autologout" function . Our default setting is for 40
>minutes and it actually logs the user out after about 8 or 9 minutes.
>Anyone else had a problem with this?  Thanks,

I flagged this as an AD...We have a product called LOGMON
that is installed on a lot of Universe as well as Unidata
sites, as well as sites running just about anything else.

This software monitors CPU usage for each user, and their
child processes, to be sure a user really is idle.  It can
then log off the idle users, with a warning message if
desired.  You can vary the inactivity time by user, time
of day, application, etc.  You can control how the user is
logged off.

Just thought I'd mention a guaranteed way to get this
working right, one that is not limited to Universe but
can be system wide.  For details send an email to 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] or visit http://www.logmon.com


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