I wonder when Gus is going to update the website, so those of us outside USA can have 
a read !?!

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>    I enjoyed the initial article. When you start the section titled
>"The Hash Key" the writing style changes for the better. The opening was
>a bit impersonal.
>    From a technical standpoint, it wasn't new material for me, but it
>was is an excellent base for the rest of the series. I look to forward
>to the next entry. It's an excellent topic, complimented by strong writing.
>    - Charles "Picky" Barouch
>Jeff Fitzgerald wrote:
>>Peggy and I are writing a series of articles in Spectrum about U2 files.
>>The first one is in the March/April issue which is just out.  I'd be
>>interested in reactions and feedback.  The first article is pretty
>>introductory; we're going to do five or six and will strive for some
>>Feel free to email any comments or post to the list if appropriate.
>>Jeff Fitzgerald
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