I'm doing something a bit unusual (for me at least) and am encountering a difference 
in behavior that I suspect is wrong - however I'd like the group's opinion on this.
I have a UniBasic program that executes the following line of code:
PCPERFORM "cd \folder\folder\U2Account; udt PHANTOM ProgramName"
According to the on-line documentation for the PCPERFORM command, this should;
  1 - changed directories to \folder\folder\U2Account
  2 - start UniData via the "udt" command
  3 - Create a PHANTOM process that runs "ProgramName"
Implicit in this is that once the PHANTOM is started, control will return to the 
program that ran the PCPERFORM and it will go on its merry way.  Regrettably that does 
not happen.  What does happen is that the process that executed the PCPERFORM command 
will wait until "ProgramName" has completed and *then* will return to the original 
I can think of several other ways to accomplish the same goal - however if UniData is 
supposed to be able to do this I'd like to take advantage of it.
Dave Graham
Storis Management Systems, Inc.
(954) 725-3655 Ext. 102
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