You could try using named pipes. You might find an ancient tech bulletin floating around (Ref#74-0067 "Using Pipes With BASIC Processes") that could prove helpful in achieving what you want. I don't have a copy of it anymore. Anyone??

At 08:54 AM 03/23/2004, you wrote:
Hi All,

Does UV support opening another process's STDIN or STDOUT to a file descriptor? This could solve a lot of interfacing problems for me. For those familiar with perl, this functionality is provided by the open() function something like:

open(descriptor, "|externalcmd").

In UV, this would be equivalent to:

OPENSEQ "|externalcmd" TO DESCRIPTOR ...
OPENSEQ "externalcmd|" TO DESCRIPTOR ...

The '|' symbol in front of (or behind) the command determines whether the process is opened for input or output.

You can then use WRITESEQ or READSEQ to communicate with the external unix/windows program which reads its STDIN or writes to its STDOUT.

Similar functionality is already available in UV via the EXECUTE ... CAPTURING command but its major drawback is that a new process is started with every EXECUTE and the call to EXECUTE will block until the external process exits.

Thanks for any help.

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