A possible cause of  Your dropping to unix  is
thtat the LOGIN paragraph has a Q or QUIT command
after the one starting MOTIF.

How can You check for that when You can't get to the command line?

Two alternatives:
If You can create a new uv account  by just
invoking uv in an perferably empty unix account
and answer the prompts and  then
create a file pointer from the new account to the uv account's VOC
and read/change the  LOGIN  VOC entry with the editor.


Use  UVread VOC LOGIN  from unix in  uv home acccount
to  read the entry

and (still from unix in the uv account ):



to replace the bad LOGIN entry with a harmless one.
You may want to skip the lines between PA and EOF and
then start the menu by typing MOTIF SYSADM.MENU
once in uv to explore the reason behind the manu breakdown..

You may have to use the absolute path to the UVread/write programs -
somthing like /usr/uv/bin/UVread ( or just bin/UVread ).
-- mats

Liu wrote:

Problem: Unable to process the menu commands in the home uv account (newly installed uv, no prior uv installed)

Everytime when I press <ENTER> on any of the options in the menu (display of menu ok), it will drop me to the unix prompt. Login as 'root' and use term 'vt220' via telnet session. Also when enter <ESC> in the menu options, it will drop to unix prompt instead of back to universe prompt.

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