Particularly the "and works" bit.

May I suggest you go back to original code, and behave like an
old-fashioned programmer. Work through what the program is doing (ie do
what in the old days was called "executing by hand") and work out WHAT
is going wrong, and WHY.

Once you understand that, you'll see why the original code was stupid.
You'll also see why it is VERY HARD to get right. And you'll see why the
preferred version is preferred. As an old hand, I will assure you very
strongly that techniques that "make it hard to make a mistake" are a
very good weapon in a programmer's armoury.

You appear to be a novice programmer (if you're not, I apologise, but
it's your fault for making a fool of yourself). The mark of a
professional (ie a GOOD programmer, not just one who's paid for it) is
that he is eager to learn from his betters. There are plenty of damn
good programmers here. Learn from them!


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Preferred = Easy to read, well documented and works. 

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"This is the preferred version. It's also a bit slower." ???

 a min. of 6 slow lines of code vs. 1 quick line of code ?

define preferred. please.

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