But, but ...

I was taught since grade school that all important discoveries and
inventions were made by (mostly) Americans in (always) America.

Could it be otherwise?  This understanding of our accomplishments and yes,
even destiny, has underpinned our unparalleled prominence on the World

This revelation that a red-white-and-blue American was not actually the
first to fly is shocking.  Perhaps we were second or third with railroads
and automobiles also?  Whoo-ee, I feel like Neo in the Matrix, removing the
blinders that hid the vast incubation farms where people lived in ignorance.

I guess I can handle sharing the credit for human knowledge and developments
with other countries.  Just don't ask me/us to share authority decisions or
participate in ecological improvements.

OK, back to our regularly scheduled U2 topics.  Say ... didn't an American
invent the first computer and compiler and database and ...

Happy Friday!

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: A Welshman flew a 'plane in the reign of the emperor Tiberius - you can
: the evidence yourself - there's a coin with a primitive 'plane on it and
: date on the coin says (in Roman numerals naturally) "TIBERIVS IMPERATOR"
: on the obverse "LXVI B.C."
: Regards
: JayJAy

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