One bigot to another. Horses for courses - of course!

You'll never catch me alive messing with "mainstream" databases. Our users
have baulked at the price tag on 'mainstream' database solutions for

If the MV databases are so 'behind the times' then how come they were the
first in Australia to go live with ATM banking then Internet Banking.
'Mainstream' is not always best. I say 'viva la difference' (French


Trevor Ockenden

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Subject: RE: Modern Universe - was: The lists are closing

PICK is LEGACY Technology and does NOT Support alot of advanced
level computing we have today. I belive PICK is Similiar to Legacy DB2
that used ISAM type of DataBases Access. Even IBM has moved DB2 (Now UDB)
to a completly relational architecture.

I belive some of the below are good reasons to Migrate to
MainStream (Top 3 - DB2/Oracle/MSSQL etc) Databases.

1. UV has Little/NO support for Emerging Technologies(XML/XQuery/XSLT/WML
2. UV is Not supported in Most Integration Enterprise Software
3. UV is Not efficient compared to highly evolved databases(DB2/Oracle)
4. UV Folks seem to use PICK, which is Not Compatible with many of
   of the Current Advanced Technologies and Techniques.
5. UV is very SLOW, TOO Procedural and Not the right tool for
    an OLTP Environment.

It would be nice if IBM provided a Package to convert all UV Stuff to
IBM DB2 and perhaps provide some kinda code converter to convert
all pick stuff to DB2 Stored Procs or Java Native Compiled Procedures.
I belive this would be ideal and would help corportations intergrate
systems easily.

Joe Eugene


From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] on behalf of Phil Walker
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As the list is closing this is probably not off topic - so I will comment.

I believe PICK has been around since the mid to late 1960's, whereas Oracle
and the SQL relation model has been around only since the mid to late 1970's
early 1980's if you are talking about Oracle etc.

I may be wrong.

Phil Walker
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Behalf Of Logan, David (SST - Adelaide)
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Subject: RE: The lists are closing

Best of luck Jeff, however I will point out the obvious, what is your
definition of modern? I would have thought the good old "relational
databases" have been around since before pick anyway? 8-)


David Logan
Database Administrator
HP Managed Services
139 Frome Street,
Adelaide 5000

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On Behalf Of Jeff Ritchie
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Subject: RE: The lists are closing

Thanks for the memories Cliff :)

Sorry to hear the lists are closing, but what the heck time and tide,
work committments etc.

As some one who is shortly to be ex mv, and moving into the more modern
technologies l will decline the offer to join, but wish the site all the


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From: Moderator [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Subject: The lists are closing

Dear Friends:

After 10+ years of either hosting or supporting the info-prime,
info-unidata, info-vmark, info-informix, and u2-users etc lists, I have
decided to shut down the list server.

u2-users and u2-community will cease to exist as of 1 April 2004. IBM is

officially supporting the efforts of the new group. (Yes. I am
a member of the establishing Board of that group. So this is not a
"coup" or Sour Grapes!) If you check out the forums that have been set
up, I think you will will see that they cover everything anyone has
asked for over the years in this group.

I *really* want to encourage ALL of you to come over the the site and support this effort. This is *exactly* what many
of you on this list have wanted over the years. If Not Now, When?

Almost ten years on my Watch. How many years before that on Mike
O'Rear's Watch? In the Net World, this has been a Hell of a good run. (I

just couldn't resist tripping the Net Nanny filters one last time <very
evil grin>)

I'll see all of you on the other media, ok?




W. Clifton Oliver, CCP
Tel: +1 619 460 5678    Web:

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