For what it's worth I'm writing a trigger-based solution
Progress has stalled for the mo' for a lack of time, but
basically it's
as follows:

The RC means Revision Control

Two files:
   RC.PROJECTS -        stores a description,
                        creation author, date, time
                        last change author date time
                        put live author, date, time
                        detail keys
   RC.PROJECT.DTL       File Name
                        Item Key
                        The full item LOWER(d), stored on one attribute
                        Event type, eg insert, update, delete

One Trigger Program:
   Updates the master last change, and detail key
   Adds a record to detail file

   Trigger is added to every dictionary file by creating a
VOC pointer
directly to
   the DICT as if it were a file in it's own right, eg

That's as far as I've got, but plans are to:
A) Create a trigger that keeps an index system for Type 1 /
19 files
such that any
   additions / removals via the operating system, eg windows

B) A program is required to extract all details from the
detail file and
copy each
   into the right place in live.

C) The users want to ultimately have a rollback facility, so
any changes
put live
   will first have to store the existing live records.

This may help you to create one of your own, or you could
always wait
til mine gets on the road...

> > For example, how does one stick a bunch of changes
together and then
> migrate
> > them from a test environment to a live one?  It's a
small site, so
> > they can't afford a full-scale package like Susan's.  I
would like
> > to set something up for them.
> >
> >
> > Thanks,  Keith Johnson "'tm'ing the post name space"
> >
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