This would tell me that you have two programs running:

Session 1 locks Record A
Session 2 locks Record B
Session 1 WANTS to lock Record B, and holds, awaiting the lock release
Session 2 NOW Wants to lock Record A - if this happens, DEADLOCKS occurs -
neither program will ever be able to progress.

The system detects this, and kills Session 2 'for the good of all' -  used
to be 'in the old days' you'd just have two sessions sitting there forever 

Your best way to prevent Deadlocks is to ensure programs ALL lock files in
the same order.  In this example, Session 1's program locked A then B, while
Session 2's propgram locked B, then A.

That's a deadlock waiting to happen.

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In a Unidata 5.2 SB+ plus environment running on Tru64 UNIX we are
occasionally receiving following error.
Fatal: deadlock will occur if this request of lock wait in the queue. File
name: /file/NAME, inum: 57907, dev: -251488945, key: 136445950
Do anyone know why is this happening and how to fix it?
Kafsat Taiyus

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