Thank you for being such a good host, it has been a pleasure. I have belonged to this 
list (off and on as jobs changed) from the Mike O'Rear days and it will feel like a 
club has broken up. I have registered 3 times on the U2UG web site but have never 
gotten anything from the site. Is there going to be a list such as this one? If not 
then we have lost a valuable resource. Most days I don't have the time to go surfing 
the net so going to the site to check up on the latest info isn't going to cut it. I 
have learned more than you can imagine from this list and you can imagine just how 
much information that can be over the last 14 years.
I would like to go on but like I said this is about as much time as I have to write an 
email at one shot. Looks like a great group is going to break up.
Jerry Banker
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