Joe Eugene wrote:
>I have heard stories where several corporations migrated to RDBMS,
>Never heard any LARGE Corp(Hershey, GE, BOfA etc) switch to UV/MVDBMS.

Of the many companies who have migrated from MV to an RDBMS you always hear
the fanfare of their initial decision but rarely of the years of toil as
they try to get back what they originally had, let alone moving forward.
Read up on Oxford Health for one of many examples.  Moving to an unknown
DBMS platform isn't good for stock values - sad but true fact of Wall
Street.  If IBM actually stood behind U2 then this attitude might change a
little.  It seems like many people over there support U2 but IBM as a
company just doesn't want to openly embrace the technology.

Also, as Chuck says, there is the big company, big money mindset - MV is
just too efficient for those guys to consider because their IT staff
wouldn't be commensurate with their company size.

I do have an anecdote: One of my clients, an MV user, is a supplier to a
fortune 500 company.  That F500 company chooses to remotely connect into my
client to obtain their business data - because they can't get the data they
need fast enough from their "big 3" systems and IT staff.

>Never seen any Enterprise Software (SAP, PeopleSoft etc)
>mention UV on their Web Sites....

If you'd like to integrate SAP with U2, I told you I'd be happy to do it for
you.  So far no one has asked - that's why you don't see anything anywhere.
I think the mindset is "one or the other" - it doesn't have to be that way.

>Never seen a book on UV OR PICK at Barnes & Nobles.
>Perhaps you can explain where UV plays an Important Role.

Ahhh, and this is the point where most Pick people will agree the market has
collectively failed to perform: Marketing.  The people who have acquired MV
environments have done so with the idea of somehow turning over a profit
through investment, but rarely do the plans truly include expanding
awareness of the Pick model to bring in new developers.  It's a paradox that
I've been trying to understand for many years.  Expansion cannot happen
without education, and that means encouraging books, magazine articles, and
other forms of mainstream advertising.  If IBM, jBASE, and Raining Data ever
do for their products what Intersystems has done for Cache', _then_ we'd
have some fun!

(Always willing to write a book, and I occasionally do...)

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