Troy Buss wrote
>Otherwise its back to pcl2pdf ( 
>) and blat for this other project I'm working on.

Hey Troy, long time bud.  Hope all is well.

I have code here that I haven't had time to fully productize it yet.  Very
simply you populate a variable with substitution strings, and pass it to a
routine that generates an HTML page, PDF, or PostScript.  It's all clean
BASIC code, there's no funky printer/device-specific escape sequences (PCL
or PS) and you can change the report layout independently from the app code.
Using a similar "set vars and call a subroutine" interface, you can also
e-mail the resulting files - no SendMail, Outlook, or other mail client or
server code required.  All of this will work over Windows or Linux (Blat is
great but it doesn't work over Linux).  I'll be porting this to U2 within
the next couple weeks.  So far there is one happy client that's been using
it over D3 for several months.  I think they'll provide a  good reference if


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