I still use my good old Reality Pocket Guide by JES & Assoc published in the 1980's as an ASCII reference and to decipher old PROC when I need to. It's only 4" X 6". A new Universe one would be wonderful and I would certainly buy one!!

Donald Kibbey wrote:

They are probably referring to the old MARK quick reference guide (part no. 70-8009-833) which does not seem to exist as a PDF. Being in a law firm, I have access to dead tree processing equipment that is cable of turning the PDF into a nicely bound manual. But, it would be nice, and I would certainly purchase the old style quick reference guide and basic manual that used to come in the smaller format, which is easier to find space for on my desk. I have one of the old basic manuals in this format, but it is from version 7 of UniVerse and now does not have some of the things that are needed these days.

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