We have programs that make extensive use of data statements. And they
regularly screwed up because people asked us to change the prompt
sequence (adding new requests or whatever...)

So I've been steadily rewriting them all to use arguments on the command
line, retrieving it all from @SENTENCE.

One little tip - I always add the option BATCH, which is set by looking
for the word on the command line as the program starts. My input code
then knows, if this flag is set, that there is no user to ask the
information from. And if I'm asked to add more user input, seeing this
option in other inputs reminds me that I need to add it here, and
provide a default because I'm not allowed to prompt.


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You bring up a good point. Design-time decisions seemed to make sense
that this would be the easiest way to do this project with the greatest
amount of 'after the fact' support freedom, so, reading the data from a
file wasn't considered. However, we just had a discussion and decided it
wouldn't be that tough to make the change over.

CLEARDATA works on uniVerse, too. Thanks. Darn Manuals. Why can't they
just talk to me?



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