This may be of Interest for the java vs .Net development directions

This morning Microsoft and Sun Microsystems announced that they have
entered into a broad technology collaboration agreement and have settled
all pending litigation between the two companies.  Elements of the
far-ranging series of agreements include:

Technical collaboration providing both companies with access to aspects
of each others server-based technology 
Sun licensing of MS Communications protocols 
Agreement that Microsoft can continue to provide product support for the
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine 
Agreement to work together to improve technical collaboration between
Java and .NET technologies 
Agreement not to sue for past patent infringement claims and commitment
to further negotiations on patent cross-licenses 
Companies settle US lawsuit and Sun expresses its satisfaction that
agreements address objectives of EU action 

The agreements will result in payments of $700 million to Sun to resolve
pending antitrust issues; $900 million to resolve patent issues and an
initial payment of $350 million for royalties for use of technology. Sun
has also agreed to royalty payments. 


You can watch the webcast here - 


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